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General Conditions

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Casteret Grupo Explora – Mountain Guides

General Conditions

  1. Outdoor activities are subject to variable mountain conditions (meteorology, avalanche stability, etc) and to the people who take part in them (altitude sickness, exhaustion…). The times, routes and activities shall be susceptible to modification or suspension in case the circumstances advise otherwise and are always subject to the discretion of the Guide responsible.
  2. Any modification or suspension of the activity, once commenced, due to circumstances beyond our control, does not involve a complete nor partial refund nor substitution of the activity, as the commencement of such shall be attempted in the most favorable possible conditions.
  3. Any activity may be canceled, modified or postponed, before its commencement, upon the judgment of the Guide or of Casteret Grupo Explora of the conditions as adverse for its execution.  Also in case that the minimum number of participants is not met, nor is there an agreement upon a special price for the group or individual signed up. In the abovementioned cases of cancelation or postponement the client has the right to a complete refund or the substitution of the contracted activity for another of similar characteristics.
  4. Casteret Grupo Explora is responsible for the activity per se. The transport to the starting point of the activity is therefore responsibility of the client (except in case otherwise specified), as well as that of the Guide, should it be necessary. The contract and responsibility of Casteret Grupo Explora concerns the direct work of its Guides and the organization of the activity, and is in no way responsible for external services (accommodation, chalets, lifts, food…) which are contracted and paid expressly by the client.
  5. The established prices are per person and are subject to error or omission. These prices include the value of the services, VAT (except for agencies and associations) and are set for a minimum number of participants. Unless otherwise indicated all services and additional expenses (such as bookings, transport, accommodation, lifts, daily expenses of the guide and participants) and the contracting of such, are the responsibility of the client, although Casteret Grupo Explora may facilitate their execution.
  6. The prices are subject to change. These changes may be posterior to the publication of the prices (elevation of expenses, fluctuation of exchange rates, taxes,etc.). Casteret Grupo Explora is obligated to communicate these changes a minimum of 10 days before the starting date, while the client has the right to cancel the contract and to a complete refund of any payment.
  7. The equipment for group use (ropes, wetsuits and other equipment) is included in the activities.  Casteret Grupo Explora recommends nevertheless, the use of personal equipment in all cases, in which the client has adequate equipment. With regards to courses and technical activities the client must contribute their own equipment.
  8. For contracted activities of great difficulty and responsability, Casteret Grupo Explora reserves the right to carry out a physical aptitude test prior to the activity, so as to guarantee its success. The expenses of this test shall be responsibility of the client.
  9. For water activities (rafting, canyoning, kayak, hydrospeed, etc.) swimming is obligatory.
  10. To avoid any foreseeable accident, the client agrees to comply with the decisions of the accompanying guide and follow the indicated safety rules the whole duration of the activity. Any breach of such indications may lead to a suspension of the activity, for obvious safety reasons.
  11. Any activity may be suspended upon the discretion of the Guide shall the client fail to meet the physical and technical requirements. This does not involve a complete nor partial refund nor substitution of the activity, as the commencement of such shall be attempted in the most favorable possible conditions.
  12. In case the Guide decides that a client has not met the necessary requirements for personal equipment, they may postpone the activity until the client meets them, or cancel the activity, in order to avoid risk. This does not involve any refund of the activity.
  13. For all activities carried out in Spain, Casteret Grupo Explora includes accident and public liability insurance. For activities carried out abroad, Casteret Grupo Explora recommends contracting insurance covering the activity in question. Casteret Grupo Explora shall not be responsible for any expenses generated upon contracting such insurance.
  14. In the case that activities carried out abroad, involving greater expenses and displacement, such as the Alpes for example, cannot be executed due to circumstances beyond our control, such as poor conditions, adverse meteorology, etc. 30% of the price of the package shall be withheld. In the case that an alternative activity is carried out the refund will be to the amount of the difference, shall there be such.
  15. In order to sign up for any activity it is necessary to prepay at least 40% of the total price. For activities not contracted in the office of Casteret Grupo Explora (i.e. through phone or e-mail), a payment of the complete sum of the activity must be made, at least 7 days prior to the date of such, to the specified bank account. If the activity is booked a minimum of 4 days prior to the date, the client will be requested to provide a credit card number and expiry date in order to carry through a 100% payment of the activity at the time of the booking.
  16. In case the services contracted are canceled by the client, the sum paid as a booking fee shall be refunded subject to the following:
    • If the cancelation arises between 10 and 15 days prior to the date of the activity, Casteret Grupo Explora has the right to deduct and withhold 5% of the total cost of the activity.
    • If the cancelation arises between 9 and 3 days prior to the date of the activity the retention shall be of 15% of the total cost of the activity.
    • If the cancelation arises between 2 and 1 day prior to the date of activity the retention shall be of 25% of the total cost of the activity.
    • If the cancelation arises 24 hours prior to the date of the activity the retention shall be of 50% of the total cost of the activity.
    • If the cancelation arises at the time of commencement of the activity the retention shall be of 100% of the activity.
  17. In all refunds of activities there shall be a deduction of credit card payment, transfer and other expenses.
  18. The mere participation in any one of our activities is subject to the reading and acceptance of these conditions.
  19. The client has the right to obtain any technical information of existing activities in our offices and to cancel or change the activity

WARNING: In our activities we adopt all possible safety measures in order to prevent any accidents. The client must be conscious of the natural potential risks inherent in the offered adventure sports which the Guide cannot control and are therefore latent. All our Guides and Sports Specialist perform their duties in accordance with the laws existent under Sports Tourism. Follow their advice and instructions, guaranteed by extensive professional and sports experience, in order to carry out the activity with maximum safety.

CONCERNING PHOTOS: Casteret Mountain Activities and its guides offer the option to take photos during the activities as a souvenir. The images shall become part of the datebase of images of Casteret which may be used in advertising, websites and other graphic material.



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