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Canyoning Level 3 & 4

By 4 septiembre, 2011julio 30th, 2018No Comments

Canyoning in Pyrenees and Guara.

Canyoning Level 3 & 4

For this type of canyoning it is necesary to have previous experience in Level 2 canyoning and relative ease in abseiling and aquatic activities, as will find numerous rappels of more than 40m and strong water currents. It is recommendable to be prepared to execute water jumps as some rappels may be jumped. Depending on the canyon chosen some jumps may be obligatory. Canyons with as many as 15 rappels, long and involved.

Barranco de Lapazosa, Garganta de Ordiso, Barranco de Sorrosal, Consusa, Foz de la Canal, etc.

{rokbox title=|Garganta de Ordiso| album=|barranco3| thumb=|images/stories/actividades/bco3_ordiso1.jpg|}images/stories/actividades/bco3_ordiso1.jpg{/rokbox}{rokbox title=|Garganta de Ordiso| album=|barranco3| thumb=|images/stories/actividades/bco3_ordiso2.jpg|}images/stories/actividades/bco3_ordiso2.jpg{/rokbox}{rokbox title=|Garganta de Ordiso| album=|barranco3| thumb=|images/stories/actividades/bco3_ordiso3.jpg|}images/stories/actividades/bco3_ordiso3.jpg{/rokbox}

  • Minimum age:14 years
  • Duration: 1/2dayof whole day
  • Dates: May to October
  • Times: morning and afternoon
  • Place: Pyrenees and Guara
  • Groups: 4 to 8 pax

{rokbox title=|Foz de la Canal| album=|barranco3| thumb=|images/stories/actividades/bco3_foz1.jpg|}images/stories/actividades/bco3_foz1.jpg{/rokbox}{rokbox title=|Foz de la Canal| album=|barranco3| thumb=|images/stories/actividades/bco3_foz2.jpg|}images/stories/actividades/bco3_foz2.jpg{/rokbox}{rokbox title=|Foz de la Canal| album=|barranco3| thumb=|images/stories/actividades/bco3_foz3.jpg|}images/stories/actividades/bco3_foz3.jpg{/rokbox}


  • Canyoning guide
  • Insurance
  • Group equipment (ropes, safety equipment, first aid kit,…)
  • Personal equipment (two-piece wetsuit 5mm, booties, harness, helmet, lanyards and belay devices, backpack)

Personal equipment you must bring:

  • Bathing suit, which we use underneath the wetsuit and also during the approach and return hike.
  • Shoes which you can get wet, preferably with good ankle support and sole as the canyons tend to be slippery.
  • Thermal wear for those who are more prone to cold. These garments have to be 100% synthetic (polyamide, polyester), cotton does not work.
  • Towel to dry off at the end of the activity
  • Dry shoes
  • If you wear glasses it is highly recommendable to have them on a cord, or better still, go without them.
  • If you wear contact lenses it is highly recommendable to use swimming goggles.
  • Midday picnic lunch

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