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Canyoning in Pyrenees and Sierra de Guara

Discover and learn this fun sport known as canyoning.

This sport consists in walking, swimming and jumping inside a river, through different natural obstacles. In some of them will require the use of rope to descend.

Throughout the fall, depending on the difficulty level, raffle rocks, pass through narrow gorges, and will also be necessary to swim, jump into pools of water, go down slides, abseil (down using rope techniques decrease)

For canyoning in Huesca, in Guara and the Pyrenees there are two distinct areas, considered these as the best of all Europe in canyoning practice:

  • The canyoning around Ordesa offers us a variety of courses at every levels. The best season is from April to mid-October (always depending on the weather and melting, which varies yearly).
  • Canyoning in Guara. Sierra de Guara also offers a variety of canyons at all levels, with the proper time from March to late June. In autumn can also be optimal for the descent, depending on the weather.

We divide this activity according to difficulty:

  • Canyons Level 1 (Basic): Canyons initiation suitable for all ages, from children and families to groups of friends who want to have a first contact with this activity. Small jumps, slides, abseiling up to 15m. Half day and full day. Canyon of Gloces, Viandico, Yesa, Miraval, Gorgol
  • Level 2 (medium): Canyons also suitable for all audiences, but with a little more emotion. More abseiling and more height (up to 25-30 m), and longer breaks. Half day and full day. Furco Canyon, Sia, Trigoniero, Barrosa, LocationEscuain, etc.
  • Level 3 and 4 (Advanced): Canyons longer and more difficult. Up to 20 rappels lengths up to 50 m. Jumping up to 15 m. To perform this type of canyoning is necessary to have some experience in abseiling and canyons. Full day. Lapazosa, Ordiso Gorge, Sorrosal, Consusa Superior, etc. Level 4: SorrosalCarpín, Foz de la Canal, etc..

We also offer

  • Canyoning Weekend in the Pyrenees and Guara: descend some of the best Guara canyoning in the Pyrenees or in 2 days.
  • Week canyoning in the Pyrenees: The top of the Pyrenees canyons in 5 days. Increasing difficulty in every drop


  • Minimum age: 7 years.
  • A must know how to swim.

Material to be provided:

  • Wetsuit: we guarantee thermal insulation, buoyancy and prevents facilitates small bumps and scratches when touch rocks. Composed overallstrousers and a jacket 5mm.
  • Booties: neoprene socks that isolate us from cold feet. They are used as a normal sock.
  • Hull: It protects us from blows to the head as they move through slippery slope, and also on the possible falling rocks due to wind or movement of people or animals above us. Approved by the UIAA / CE.
  • Harness: we will use to rappel (descend by rope) or ensure and prevent falls of great height. With lifeline or lanyard-type and eight descender. Approved by the UIAA / CE.
  • Carabiners: will take one type HMS insurance, and two more, both for lanyards.
  • Lanyards: always on hand to ensure when necessary.
  • Descender (type eight): allows almost effortlessly down by a rope, and thus control the rate of descent.
  • Backpack: We will use backpack full day activities for water transport, with watertight kit cans and ropes.
  • Watertight container: to carry material that can not get wet (car keys, first aid kit, mobile phone, lunch, etc).

Material will need to provide each one:

  • Suit: all that is necessary under the neoprene and also as a pledge for the approach and the return of the canyon.
  • Shoes: will need shoes that can get wet and good foot hold. Best shoe and boot that with hard soles and if possible mountain. If you have hiking boots best, because they protect the ankle. The canyons ground is slippery.
  • Thermal clothing: if colder times or higher throughput, we recommend the use of thermal wear, any jersey plastic (polyamide, polyester) will serve. Not so cottons, which are soaked and cold cause us to spend more.
  • Towel: to dry off and change clothes at the end of the activity.

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